When is the Best Time to Publish Posts to Facebook for my Business?

when is the best time to publish Facebook posts

I hear this question a lot.

Pundits have suggestions, i.e., Tuesday through Thursdays between 9am – 2pm for B2B; Monday through Wednesday 9am – 5pm for B2C, you may want to try another strategy. I’ve found that most “expert sources” have different recommendations. Also these are subject to change over time as people’s behaviors change.

What you can do is check when YOUR Facebook Fans are online, and post then so they are most likely to see while they are active. To find out, go to “Insights” on your Facebook Page. Then go to “Posts”. At the top of the page, you’ll see the days and times “When Your Fans Are Online”.

Graph showing best times to publish Facebook posts

With all this being said, know that Facebook is suppressing the frequency that organic posts are being displayed drastically. So while posting regularly may not be a good strategy to reach new customers, having a Facebook Page is still critically important for credibility. If a prospective client wants to check you out, chances are they’ll check your website and your Facebook Page. So continue to post engaging content regularly when your Fans are logged in!

To reach prospective new clients, use targeted Facebook ads.

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