Tips to Increase eCommerce Traffic to your Website

Ways to increase ecommerce traffic are boundless, but the most productive are the ones that bring qualified leads. You want visitors who are interested in your business and are likely to become buying customers.

Of course, using paid ads is a long-time, tried and true method. This post explains five other ways to increase ecommerce traffic and drive conversions in your online store.

Start Your Blog

One way to increase ecommerce traffic is by adding a blog to your site and creating engaging content optimized for search engines. Focus on topics on your niche and be sure to include keywords related to your business. Embed links to specific webpages on your ecommerce site where you would like the reader to take action.

You don’t have to be an expert writer. A website content writer can help you develop high-quality pieces that will rank in search engine result pages. A 2019 report showed that 60 percent of consumers find blogs the most valuable resources in the early stages of buying.

Consider Guest Blogging

While blogging is ideal for lead generation, maintaining a blog can be time-consuming and expensive for small businesses. But did you know that you can increase ecommerce traffic by posting content on someone else’s blog?

If you choose guest blogging, be sure to write for a high-authority blog with a massive following. Include a link to your site to direct the readers to your business. Backlinks not only increase ecommerce traffic but also contribute to search engine optimization (SEO).

Grow Your Email Lists

When someone browses your online store, you hope that they will purchase something. However, only a small fraction of prospects will buy on their first visit. An excellent way to increase ecommerce traffic and keep contact with prospects is by building customer lists.

Create an email subscription request button or a pop-up message on your landing page and on your blog post pages. Consider anyone who opts in as a lead and segment your email list to put customers with similar interests in the same groups.

Target each cluster with customized emails to ensure your messages are relevant. Focus on providing useful information and not continually selling. 96% stated in a survey that B2B vendors could improve the quality of content by curbing the sales messages. Emails that nurture the relationship by providing continued value is an excellent way to build truth, and then lead to increased ecommerce traffic and conversions. According to data, every dollar spent in email marketing can return $42.

Optimize the Site for Mobile

It is no secret that mobile device usage is higher than desktops use. According to StatCounter, the market share for mobiles and tablets in 2020 was over 53 percent against desktops at 46.39 percent.

The scenario is the same in the online space. Mobile devices produce the most web traffic today. Therefore, optimizing your site for mobile users is crucial to increase ecommerce traffic.

Consider a responsive website design to make your ecommerce site more mobile-friendly. Compress your images for faster loading, use large fonts, and decongest your webpages to improve customer experience. A website that’s cumbersome to navigate with a smartphone repels mobile users.

Work with Influencers

An influencer in marketing is someone who can guide the buying decisions of consumers. You can increase ecommerce traffic by getting an influential person like a celebrity to endorse your brand. Does it mean you cannot benefit from influencer marketing if you cannot afford a superstar to campaign for their brand?

Not necessarily. Reach out to influential bloggers and vloggers and propose to work with them. If you sell sneakers, for instance, you can search ‘top sneaker blogs’ on Google to find the leading blogs and magazines. See if they can include links to your webpages for relevant content.

Another way to increase ecommerce traffic is to interview influencers and feature podcasts on your site. The influencer may post it on their online channels, effectively bringing more visitors to your ecommerce site.

Are You Stuck?

If you aren’t sure how best to increase ecommerce traffic in your business, UmeWorks can help. We can build you a dependable digital marketing strategy to boost traffic and conversions on your business website.

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