Digital Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Umeworks illustration. Digital Marketing for small businesses

As a small business owner in the Torrance area, your digital presence can significantly influence your success. Digital marketing is more than just a buzzword—it’s a crucial strategy to boost your brand, enhance visibility, and connect with customers more effectively. With a variety of tailored digital marketing services available, let’s explore how these can transform […]

When Building a Website is Like Building a House

when building a website is like building a house

Not wanting to be guilty of speaking “techie jargon” that the client doesn’t understand, I often use analogies to explain website options and services. While none of my analogies are perfect, I hope they make clearer some of the matters related to websites for most people. Tract Home or Custom Home? When selecting a platform […]

How to Like a Facebook Page From Another Page

how to like a Facebook page from another page

As a business owner, do you ever wonder (or want to be reminded) of how you can Like another Facebook Business Page as your page, vs. as an individual? Perhaps you have a partner, a colleague or a member of your business networking group you’d like to help promote. Or perhaps you’d like to ask […]

Six eTools To Increase Your Businesses Visibility

Six eTools to increase your business' visibility

New business owners often come to me for a new website. Now, don’t get me wrong, of course I’m happy to oblige, but I also want them to know that having a great website by itself is not enough. With over a billion websites in existence*, a business owner cannot just sit back and hope […]