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UmeWorks seeks to understand your business objectives so that we may determine how we can best support you and your business.

Read more about the “tools” in our “marketing toolbox” below to help you do just that.

Eager to launch your first website? Or want to redesign an existing site? Whatever your situation, you can count on UmeWorks to create a professional internet presence for your business. Our site-building includes on-page keyword placement to help you reach your target audience.

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Could your business’ reach be expanded with a multi-language website? With our local, experienced translation partner, UmeWorks can help you do that.

Benefits of  multi-language websites

Are you a Realtor or selling your own home?

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“Stick to the knitting; do what you do best.” Good advice, especially for small organizations.

Focus on your core business. Then find a partner, like UmeWorks, whose skill set complements yours.

We’ll help you by doing what we do best — website maintenance, content updates, and software updates.  Because, don’t forget. Once your site is up and running, you shouldn’t  just ignore it. and let it collect dust – or worse.

Maintenance contracts and ad hoc agreements available.

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Aargghh! Is your business getting buried in the back pages of internet search results? By applying our knowledge of SEO, UmeWorks can significantly improve your site’s ranking.

We skillfully use on-page keywords, back links and content marketing to generate more visits to your site and help you to convert visits into leads. We install Google Analytics tracking so we have visibilty to your website’s visits.

SEO Tips

Want to attract the right people to your website and business?  Nurture your existing relationships?  UmeWorks will work with you to create an inbound content marketing plan to do just that. Together, we’ll identify your niche markets and what content to post where. We’ll help set up the tools you’ll need. Ask us about:
  • Designing and building your blog
  • Developing personas for your niche markets
  • Content marketing strategy development
  • Marketing calendar
  • Research, writing, editing content and call-to-action deliverables
  • Selecting or creating images
  • Publishing blog posts
  • Propagating to social media
  • Maintenance
  • Training
  • Status reviews

Benefits of Inbound Content Marketing

A presence on social media will dramatically increase your visibility.

Whether you want help learning to fish (and getting your fishing gear), or if you want us to fish for you, we can help you net more visiblity.

UmeWorks can manage the entire process for you. We’ll set-up your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other sites. We’ll find compelling content and post it for you at regular intervals.


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A good logo is simple, memorable and versatile. With a singular graphic, your logo is the messenger that conveys your business identity. In a crowded marketplace, a distinctive logo helps your company to stand out. Let our creative team design a great logo for you. View Logo Samples
Even in the digital age, entrepreneurs and organizations need business cards, letterhead stationery, brochures, flyers and signs. Our print design services will give you the tools you need to promote your business.

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Sometimes you just want to talk to somebody and bounce a few ideas around.

Whether you have global questions about your internet presence, designing a complete inbound marketing strategy plan, or a very specific need, a consultation with UmeWorks may help you to clarify the way forward.

We offer a complimentary one-hour exploratory consultation to new clients seeking a partner to build a new or redesigned website.

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