6 Questions to Ask a Website Designer Before Hiring

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Hiring a website designer can be a pivotal decision for the success of your business online. The right designer can transform your vision into a dynamic, functional website that engages your customers and enhances your digital presence. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure you’re making an informed choice. Here are the top 6 questions to ask a website designer before bringing them on board:

1. Do You Have Work Samples I Can Review?

  • Understanding the designer’s aesthetic will give you insight into their design process and the potential look and feel of your own website. Ask to see a portfolio of their past projects; this will provide a clear idea of their design style and the types of clients they typically service.
  • Since design is subjective, it’s important that their work resonate with you, and more importantly, with your target audience.
  • So, when reviewing a portfolio, consider whether the design varied based on each site’s marketing focus.

2. Can You Provide Reviews or Testimonials from Previous Clients?

  • Reading reviews and testimonials allows you to gauge the experiences of past clients with the designer. This includes their reliability and overall client satisfaction.
  • Do your own due diligence and investigate other reviews that may have published online.

3. How Do You Manage the Website Development Timeline?

  • It’s important to share if your website project has a hard deadline or if your time frame is flexibility. This can determine whether or not the designer will be able to deliver based on your needs.
  • The actual timeline can vary significantly depending on how promptly you provide the necessary materials, feedback, and approvals. Delays in these areas, as well as changes to the scope of work, can affect both the project duration and its cost.

4. How Do You Manage Project Communication?

  • Mode of Communication: What methods of communication will be used throughout the project? Is communication handled through email, phone calls, or texts? It’s vital to establish this upfront to ensure efficiency, compatibility, and clarity in exchanges.
  • Project Updates: Will updates be scheduled at regular intervals or arranged as needed? Knowing the frequency of communication will help you stay organized and informed.
  • Expectations for Response Times: What is the expected turnaround time for queries or requests for updates? Setting expectations for response times early on will help in maintaining a smooth workflow and ensuring timely project milestones.
  • Ask them to share what their high-level project management process will be so you also understand when to expect requests and status updates communication.

5. What is Included in Your Pricing and What Might Cause Additional Charges?

  • Clearly understanding what the initial quote includes is vital to avoid unexpected costs. Ask about what elements are covered and what may be additional such as mobile optimization on-page SEO, hosting, copywriting, photography, stock image licensing fees, logo design, privacy policies.
  • Additionally, inquire about potential scenarios that might lead to extra charges. Understanding these factors upfront can help you budget more accurately and avoid surprises.
  • What ongoing and/or post-publication costs should you expect?

6. After My Website is Published, How will my Content be Updated?

  • Regular updates can be crucial for keeping your website fresh, relevant, and search engine optimized.
  • Share whether you prefer to update the content yourself or outsource that responsibility. This may influence how your site is built. Whichever you prefer, will the website designer accommodate your specific preference?
    • If you will be updating the content yourself, what tools and training will be provided for this purpose?
    • If you will be outsourcing your content updating, ask how that process will work and how fees are determined.

Ready to Start Your Website Project?

Selecting the right website designer is not just about cost but also about finding a partner who can bring your digital vision to life. The questions outlined above are critical in pinpointing the right candidate who not only meets your aesthetic and functional needs but also respects your time and budget.

If you’re ready to take your online presence to the next level, we invite you to request a free quote. Let’s discuss how we can create a website that fits your needs and elevates your brand. And we’ll answer all your questions to ask a website designer.

Not only do we want to design and build your website, we want to be your trusted partner.



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