Importance of Good Website Design for Business

Good website design is important for businesses

Most people understand the importance of a website for business. This is evidenced by the fact 71% of U.S. businesses now have a website.

Unfortunately, many small business owners do not appreciate the value of a good, professionally-designed site, which is perhaps why 72% of websites are rated “poor” among consumers. The following are seven aspects of how a good website can help your business.

1. Good design boosts the site’s first impression

If you’re wondering why first impressions matter, a University of Missouri study shows that it takes a fraction of a second for users to form an opinion about your website and 2.6 seconds to spot the most influential part of the website.

There’s a lot more to gather from the study. However, the main takeaway is that you should not try to get away with poor website design; that single mistake can cost you potential leads and customers.

2. Ensure a delightful user experience

One of the ways to boost your site’s first impression is through better user experience (UX) design. This means working on key elements known to delight website visitors, including making the site useful, user-friendly, desirable, credible, and accessible. Studies show that good UX design can fix up to 94% of the issues related to first impressions.

Unsurprisingly, good UX design benefits don’t end there. For instance, a professional website with a well-designed user interface can boost conversions by up to 400%, with a few studies indicating that every $1 invested in UX design brings $100 in return – a 9.900% ROI.

3. Maximize the website’s “stickiness”

Good web design also provides better frequency and recency metrics. Though often overlooked, the two metrics are very important. “Frequency” is how often a single user visits your site, while “recency” is the last time the user visited. Together, these two metrics indicate the website’s stickiness.

So, why’s stickiness important? Because sticky customers buy more, pay more, and ultimately become your biggest brand ambassadors. Above all, a high stickiness index is the ultimate sign that your site is doing its job. So, provide a reason for visitors to come back to your site!

4. Lead nurturing and conversion benefits

As discussed earlier, poor website design can easily cost you traffic through negative first impressions and user experience. Low traffic often means low conversion outcomes. Poor web design may impact brand trust, increase bounce rates, and attract negative reviews – all of which can negatively impact lead nurturing and conversions.

On the other hand, good website design boosts direct and indirect traffic, drives positive public sentiment, and helps retain existing leads and customers.

5. Optimization, targeting, and customization benefits

Optimization improves SEO/ranking performance, consequently improving site traffic and conversions. Meanwhile, targeting and customization help with brand visibility and customer retention. Proper targeting, for instance, can help you penetrate new markets and reach new people.

An experienced website designer can help guide you in optimizing your website.

6. Design your site for now and the future

The digital world is constantly changing. For instance, viewing of websites on phones and tablets overtook viewing sites on desktop. As a result, mobile accounts for more e-commerce revenues. Similarly, social media and CRM integrations are important for a growing business.

Good design enables your site to evolve with changing customer needs. This way, you can consistently provide delightful customer experiences while growing your revenues and profit margins.

7. Good web design is good for e-commerce outcomes too

An e-commerce site should have a secure, mobile-friendly design. Businesses with e-commerce sites may want to take advantages of including a review section to instill confidence in potential shoppers. Opt-in lead capture forms are a good way to nurture the relationship with site visitors to encourage them to return and make a purchase.

Of course, you must also provide a seamless checkout process as a difficult checkout process can cost you up to a quarter of potential sales. A professional web designer with experience has these requirements in mind.


The seven factors above are just a few ways good web design can boost your business outcomes. Remember that a good website design is important for business branding, customer loyalty, and better customer service.

If you’d like to work with a professional website designer in Torrance, please contact UmeWorks to get started!



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