Having a Problem Receiving Notification Emails from Your Online Form?

Trouble with receiving online form notification emails?

From our experience, adding an online form to a website has typically been “easy peasy”. Unfortunately, it’s not always a “slam dunk”.  UmeWorks recently inherited a website from a client whose online form notification emails kept landing in their Junk folder.

The site was built on WordPress and was using a popular form plugin. After much troubleshooting, we finally resolved the issue.

What We Did

  • Moved the website to another hosting provider.
  • Added DMARC records
  • Changed out the form plugin with Machform.
  • Used a third party SMTP service: Send Grid
  • Tested the email for spammyness with https://www.mail-tester.com; added suggested DNS record.

If your website’s online form’s notification emails are not being received, try these steps to see if they help you resolve the issue.



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