Grow your Business with Multilanguage Websites

Grow your Business with Multi-language Websites

Multi-language websites help you grow your businesses locally, regionally and internationally, or even if you have a Torrance business that can only service local clientele; reach those who live and work nearby whose first language is not English. Ensure non-English speakers can find and understand what products and services you offer in their native language.

No single language is used by more than 30% of the global population. This includes English which is regarded as one of the most popularly used languages in the world.

Hola Annyeonghaseyo Konnichiwa Torrance!

According to Statistical Data, the five most common other languages that are spoken in Torrance are:

  • Spanish
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Tagalog

Of these, thousands state they do not speak English very well. Local Torrance business owners can take steps to service these individuals with multi-language websites.

Advantages of multi-language websites

  • Reach a broader market beyond only those who read English.
    This can be both those who live and work locally to your business, such as in the Los Angeles South Bay, that speak a non-English language, or those who live outside the U.S.
  • Edge over the competition
    A multi-language website gives you an edge over competitors. With a multilingual website, non-English speakers can more easily learn about your products on your site, and even shop online if you have a multi-language ecommerce site. You can build a customer base and use marketing strategies in their language to win customer loyalty before your competitors catch on.
  • Cost effectiveness
    Once the translation is implemented on your site, the cost of maintaining a multilingual websites is not significantly higher than a single language site.
  • SEO
    Using the search engine optimization (SEO) strategy works very well to increase website traffic. It works even better for multi-language websites to increase your chances of being found by local non-English speakers when they search keywords in their native language.

Could you use a multilingual website? Questions to ask yourself:

  • Would local residents who happen not to speak English be interested in my product or service?
  • Do I, or can I, provide a product or service that specifically meets the needs of those for whom English is not their first language? This could even be instructions you provide in their language, making it easier to do business with you.
  • Can my product or service be delivered to customers outside my immediate location, possibly even to another country?
  • Does the selling of my product or service rely heavily on continued dialog with the prospective client? If yes, do you have anyone in-house at your business that can fulfill this communication? If not, consider having printed multi-language brochures or flyers ready. For large ticket items, you may consider hiring a translator. (We can help!)

Types of Businesses that Benefit from Multi-language Websites

Here are some examples of types of local Torrance businesses that could benefit with having a multi-language website:
  • Preschools: Executives from headquarter countries, such as Japan, are sometimes relocated to the LA South Bay for a number of years to manage the North American offices. The young families may need a preschool they can trust and having a website in Japanese to understand the mission and values of the preschool can help the executive family find a school they prefer to nurture their children.
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  • Intellectual Property Legal Firms: Documents need to be translated into the language of the country of which the patent is held. Explaining this service is available at your IP firm on your website will help prospective clients know you can help them. And we can help with the document translation as well.
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  • Catering and Wedding Cakes: Enable non-English speaker to select and order their menu and cake selection on your website in their own language.
     Learn More about how a Catering business may benefit from a multi-language website
    ⇒ Learn More about how a Bakery may benefit from a multi-language website
  • English Language Schools: These potential students want to learn English, but don’t yet have it mastered, or they wouldn’t need a school, right? Help them find you and understand what your classes cover in their own language.
  • Immigration Services: Help prospective find you by having web pages with keywords in their language.
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Build or Extend Your Website with UmeWorks

  • Grow your customer base: Perhaps you already have a website but you want to cast the net wider and reach potential users in Torrance who speak other languages.
  • Start wide: Are you starting a new business and you want to reach both English and non-English speakers?

UmeWorks will build you an attractive and effective multi-language website. Working closely with our local translation partner with 55 language translation capabilities, we will provide an accurate translation of your website content that included a secondary review to ensure accuracy of translation, grammar, and punctuation.

Robotic translation applications provide literal translations which often do not convey the writer’s intent. Nor can they capture rhetoric or beauty of a language. Those may be sufficient for single word translations, e.g., of a menu button, but not for a coherent flow of information and understanding about your business.

If a multi-language website could help your business grow, CONTACT UMEWORKS for a quote to create a multilingual website for your business.



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