Want to know how to get more REVIEWS and more LEADS?


Review Request Process

Is your current process to request reviews hit-or-miss? Too busy to remember to ask? UmeWorks will make requesting reviews easy and efficient. We may even be able to automate it. Increase the number and frequency of reviews published online (where it matters; not sitting in your email inbox).

Reduce the Likelihood of Negative Reviews

How? By offering the customer to EITHER post a review or to contact you directly with their feedback. This second option will allow you to discuss with the customer their experience and the opportunity to rectify the situation.

Immediate Notification

You can receive automatic notifications when a new review is received. For negative reviews, you can take immediate action to remedy.

Maximize the Impact of Your 5 Star Reviews

Make the most of your positive reviews! UmeWorks can set up automatic sharing of your reviews to Google, Facebook, and your website.

Get More Leads

The more reviews you have, the higher you will show up in Google search. And more likely users will take the next step of calling you or visiting your website when they read your 5 stars reviews.

Response Management

It is critical to respond to reviews – both positive and negative. How you respond influences readers’ perception of your business.

  • Positive: Show appreciation for the review and add keywords in your response to increase leads.
  • Negative: A constructive, empathetic response will help prospects understand that you genuinely care about your customers’ satisfaction and are professional.

Also review responses positively influences where Google displays your company. Concerned about the amount of time it takes to respond to reviews? UmeWorks is here to help – we can automate responses (with your keywords) that vary based on rating.

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