Use Drip Content to Keep Them Coming Back

As a business or non-profit, you want to drive swarms of traffic to your website and social media accounts. Your goal is to gain views — and have those users visit regularly. However, after you offer a free e-book download, share a coupon, or upload one instructional video, traffic stalls — or comes to a halt. So, how do you attract users’ attention and keep them thirsty for more interaction? Drip content may be the perfect solution for your predicament.

What is drip content? Basically, you release information a bit at a time to potential clients. Unfortunately, many businesses and non-profits open up the floodgates of information and offers from the get-go. If your site includes everything users need, users don’t need to return. (Or, frankly, the user is bored because there’s never new content.) While analytics are an important part of tracking site user numbers and getting insight into browsing behaviors, there is no way to interact with visitors unless you have a concrete way of reaching them again. If visitors haven’t even shared their e-mail address or followed your social media account, how do you draw them back in?

Drip Content via Email
Your focus is currently on driving traffic to your business or non-profit site to gain more potential customers and keep current ones engaged. But, if you don’t have a way to communicate with clients you’ll never be able to earn their trust or garner their attention. explains: “Drip emails allow you to create automated, targeted email campaigns and as a result are outstandingly effective at getting your audience to take your desired action. These campaigns can be catered to your audience in such a way that you make sure the right people are always seeing the right kind of email.”

There’s no reason to spend time and money sending the wrong email campaigns to the wrong potential clients. Tailored e-mail drips to your potential clients are proven to be highly effective. Automated e-mails can even keep track of your potential clients’ actions and even remind them that they opened a previous email days before — but forgot to act on it.

Drip Content via Social Media
Social media lends well for dripping content. In fact, says, “You have a targeted audience composed of only the people most interested in your products or services to begin with. You have a tailor-made means of sharing small bites of information, since most social networks prefer shorter updates. You have built-in ads systems to help promote the campaign. Most importantly, you have post scheduling, so you can set the entire campaign up before you even begin.”

No one likes to be barraged with excess information. Your clients can’t absorb it all instantaneously. That’s why releasing content in small chunks is also a way to keep them coming back without feeling overwhelmed. You can choose to drip content in a variety of ways like by offering:

  • Online courses
  • Coaching videos
  • Lectures

Make a Content Plan
Use a mix of email and social media dripping to craft your content plan. Dripping creates hype. But first, you have to determine what you’re hyping. Then:

  • Determine what platforms you’ll use.
  • Decide when content releases (i.e. how many e-mails/posts appear at particular time intervals).
  • Engage with potential clients: respond and continue the hype.
  • Evaluate data to see if future campaigns need improvement.

Drip content releases a bit of information over time, making your potential clients thirsty for more. Email and social media dripping drives hype and, therefore, traffic to your site and social accounts. You’ll be hyped, because this results in more views and product sales!



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