Co-market for Bigger Impact from National Small Business Week Locally in Torrance

co-market small business week

As a small business owner, and with many of our clients also being local businesses in the Torrance area, we’re believers in promoting Small Business Week.

Small Business Power!

Did you know that more than 50% of all Americans either own or work for a small business, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration, and they create 2 out of 3 new jobs in this country?

This year’s SBA’s annual National Small Business Week is April 30 to May 6. 

If you’re a consumer, you can help celebrate the big impact small business owners have on the economy, the job market and our daily lives by visiting and patronizing your local Torrance and South Bay businesses. They appreciate you!

If you’re a Torrance business owner, encourage your local community to Shop Local. Co-marketing is a creative way, especially for those of you with a brick-and-mortar storefront or office.  And your co-marketing collaboration efforts may reap longer lasting benefits by strengthening your relationships with your neighborhood businesses.


Collaborate with your neighborhood Torrance businesses to make Small Business Week a FUN event.

  1. Advertise “Meet Your Local Businesses!” Spread the word through each of your social media accounts, newsletters, ads and in-store banners about all the fun things you have planned.
  2. Offer free refreshments at each business stop.
  3. Put up balloons or other decorations.
  4. Create punch card for shoppers to visit each of your businesses and give a gift for doing so; maybe a grab bag with a little something from each shop, or pick from a choice donated by each of the businesses.
  5. Create coordinated promotion, e.g., get a haircut today, and get a free cup of Joe next door.
  6. Feature music or other entertainment in the parking lot (maybe using a local band.)
  7. Offer incentives you can provide to encourage first-time visitors to return, e.g., coupons.
  8. Have a fun photo booth or area (it’s a good way to get more publicity via social media too!)

What the best Small Business Week or Co-Marketing idea you’ve seen? Please share it with us!




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