Enlightened Energetics and Chakra Empowerment for Women website redesign

Enlightened Energetics

ABOUT PROJECT: Long-time client wanted to combine two of her websites, retaining the overall look-and-feel of her brand. UmeWorks redesigned the home page and

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JKB Home Design

JKB Home Design

ABOUT PROJECT: Client had started her own website on the DIY Squarespace platform, but soon realized that it was not representing her business well. She

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website redesign for PC Parlor in Torrance

PC Parlor

ABOUT PROJECT:The owner of a long-standing tech services and computer repair business in Torrance wanted to redesign his website; UmeWorks created a simple, to-the-point

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website design for LionsWing Water

LionsWing Water

ABOUT PROJECT: Venture capital firm wanted a microsite to promote their primary focus on partnership with water industry. Principal relied about UmeWorks to develop

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Pottery Mfg & Dist Co. website design and build

Pottery Mfg & Dist. Co.

ABOUT PROJECT Long time established pottery manufacturer and distributor’s website was ready for a redesign. Catering to both trade and consumer customers, the firm

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ez-clincher road bike tire mounting tool


ABOUT PROJECT: Longtime avid biker found a need for a tool to provide an easy way to change flat tires on the road, especially

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Buggy Whip Drive property site

Rolling Hills Property Site

ABOUT PROJECT UmeWorks builds dedicated property websites to boost marketing for Realtor’s listings.This property website showcases a Rolling Hills home on the market what was

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Sandbox Strategic website redesign by UmeWorks

Sandbox Strategic

ABOUT PROJECT: UmeWorks redesigned website for Rancho Santa Margarita creative marketing agency. This unique company specializes in healthcare for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and

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Nick's Community website design

Nick’s Community

ABOUT PROJECT A Wix website had been started by another designer for this non-profit organization, but the Client wanted to make the website brighter

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Azurelite Inc. website design

Azurelite Inc.

ABOUT PROJECT Website designed by UmeWorks for glazing contracting company based in Los Angeles. Founded over 40 years ago, the company provides comprehensive professional

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