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Despite the fact that I’ve been advising my clients to use responsively-designed websites for the last couple years, I hadn’t updated our own website. We were the epitome of the “cobbler and his kids.”  As a appropriate, our Clients’ work is priority over our own.
With Google’s recent update to its search engine algorithm, whether a website is mobile-friendly or not is no longer just something we recommend. If you don’t want your website’s ranking results to suffer, websites should now be mobile-friendly, i.e., easy to view on cell phones. If you are building a new website, being sure it is being built responsively is a no-brainer. A responsive site will detect the equipment it is being viewed on adjust the website’s layout accordingly. For example: Website as viewed on DESKTOP: desktop version
Same web page as viewed on CELL PHONE:
website viewed on cell phone
But what if you already have an existing website? What if it is a very large site, e.g., it has many pages and not built on a database? Do you need to rebuild your entire over responsively? That is one alternative and you may want to consider doing this if there are other reasons your site is ready for an overhaul. Another alternative is to ADD a MOBILE SITE to your existing website.  In this case, a separate mobile friendly site is built, typically a much more simplified version of the desktop version with the essential content and calls-to-action a user would want while surfing your website while on their smartphone. A script is added to your current website that will detect if the site is being viewed on a phone, and if so, redirects the visitor to the new mobile version of your website. Adding a mobile site is pretty quick and inexpensive with services like Dudamobile and Mobify.  If you prefer to have custom built mobile site, contact your website designer (like us :). UmeWorks is excited to report we’ve finally have making our website mobile-ready is checked off our To Do list!  How about you? Not sure if your website is mobile-friendly? Just check out your website on a smartphone, or enter your website’s URL in Google’s Mobile-Friendly test page.



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