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Tips on Writing Blog Post

Why You Should You Use These Blog Writing Tips

You’ve put forth enormous effort writing valuable content for your blog. But web traffic remains slow. What’s the point of publishing blog posts that potential visitors can’t find? Let’s look at how to SEO your blog posts. These blog writing tips are bound to improve your site’s Google ranking. 

SEO Tip #1. Select a Focus Keyphrase

The first of our blog writing tips for SEO is to determine what is the keyphrase for your post. Then, incorporate your keyphrase when you write your post. A keyphrase, aka long tail keywords, consists of 3 – 5 words for which you want search engines to find your post.

Keyphrase example: best website designer near me

No, your keyphrase may not be as popular as some keywords. However, it’s more specific so it drives higher converting traffic from niche demographics to your blog post.

Include the keyphrase in your blog’s title, post URL, some (but not all) section headlines, meta description, image alt tags, body text, and introductory paragraph when possible.

Partial screenshot of AIO plug-in in use.

SEO Tip #2. Length of Paragraphs and Sentences

Long sentences and paragraphs can affect readability. Most blog sentences should contain 20 words or less. If your sentences commonly use multiple commas (when you aren’t listing items), break content into smaller sentences. Most paragraphs should be two to three sentences long.

SEO Tip #3. Use Bullets and/or Numbered Lists

Piggybacking off Tip #2, if you have a list of items, instead of having a long sentence with the items separated by commas, display them in a numbered list or bulleted list. This makes it much easier to digest the information quickly.

SEO Tip #4. Include Internal and External Links

Links are important piece to your SEO strategy. Internal links point to other pages on your own website and helps in 2 ways:

  • keeps visitors on your site longer
  • improves the SEO ranking of the linked page

External links point to other websites. While these links point readers away, they lend credibility to your site and some are expected to be present by Google. But only use links to trusted, high-authority websites to improve your site’s reputation and Google ranking.

SEO Tip #5. Use Images

Compelling images attract visitors to your post and help them understand it. Charts and photos break up your content into manageable chunks. The image’s ALT tag (alternative text) and the image filename are two more opportunities to include your keyphrase.

Be sure to compress the image file and optimize it for web so images load quickly. 

SEO Tip #6. Use An Active Voice

Another blog writing tip is to write using an active voice. The active voice means the subject performs an action. In the passive voice, the subject receives an action. For example: “I was hit by Johnny” is a sentence in passive voice, while its active counterpart is “Johnny hit me”. An active vice is easier to understand. Well-written, authoritative content has a higher chance of being shared. 

SEO Tip #7. Use Transition Words

Use transition words to enhance the readability of your blog post. These words help your words flow and show the relationship between sentences and sections. “Therefore”, “however”, “so”, and “in conclusion” are examples of transition words. Although they don’t influence your SEO directly, they’re a key factor to readability. And a well-written blog post helps to attract readers and contributes to SEO!

SEO Tip #8. Headlines and Sections

Divide an article into visual, digestible chunks with section headlines, bullets and/or numbering. These keep your content organized. Most readers skim content. If they wanted to read a novel, they’d read a novel. On a blog, they want to find answers quickly!

And, use your focus keyphrase in section headlines as feasible to improve your Google ranking

Blog Writings Tips Summary

Use these blog writing tips because great content with proper SEO improves your Google ranking. The higher ranked every blog post is, the more targeted traffic will find your website and your business!

UmeWorks Can Help

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