Why Is CTA Important on Your Website

In addition to immediately conveying what your business does, your website should make your CTA clear and readily visible. A CTA is something every website needs and is critical for a business’s online presence and vital for the growth and success of your business. Having good and effective CTA helps your site visitors move along the buyer’s journey.

CTA stands for a Call to Action. It’s essentially a button, link, or plain text that leads a customer to take an action on your site. A CTA can be anything that engages your visitors. For example, typical CTA’s are:
• Buy Now
• Make an Appointment
• Request an Evaluation
• Read More
• Subscribe
• Call Now

Regardless of what your call-to-action is, it’s important that it engages your potential customers and makes them want to stay on your site longer. A good CTA increases your sales funnel. People who find websites organically through a search engine are eight times more likely to convert into a sale than those who found a website through other marketing means.1 So, it’s vital that you have engaging and effective CTA so your visitors will stay on the website longer.

CTA should also be simple and clear. Visitors will want to have easy access to whatever content is in the button or link they’re clicking on. If your button says, “buy now”, it should take the visitor to a page where they can finalize buying the product. If a link says, “learn more here”, then the link should take them directly to the article or blog post where they can learn more. There shouldn’t be tons of complicated links or buttons that take them to various sources before they get to what they want – that will only confuse your visitor and make them less likely to return to your website. And be sure to make sure that your links and buttons do, in fact, work properly. The last thing you want is for a customer to click a link and be taken to an unrelated page or receive the dreaded 404 “page not found” error message.

Overall, there’s no real “wrong” way to implement a CTA on your website – just make sure it’s there. You need to include a CTA so people can take an action and engage with your business. An effective CTA can make a difference in the number of sales and conversions that come from your website.

So, if you want help with adding CTAs to your website, we’re here to help. Contact UmeWorks.

1Source: Manta



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