Our Process

How We Work to Ensure Your Project Success

Yes, we want to build your website. In fact, we’re eager to do that and more.

You see, our sights are set a bit higher. We want to understand your business, your objectives, your strategies. Our aim is to help you to be successful. Our hope is to become your trusted partner.

We strive to communicate and produce deliverables as efficiently as possible to maintain reasonable fees.


We learn what you want and need

We listen carefully as you describe your needs and aspirations. We ask questions to clarify your vision of success: your goals, preferences, and target audience. This discussion often reveals new opportunities and options for your organization. Then, based upon our discoveries, we’ll outline the Scope of Work for you.

Get started now!

* Complimentary one-hour consultation for a new client with a project valued at more than $1,000.


Prepare to make magic. Gather copy, images and other secret ingredients.

Email us your text and images. Or put them into the Dropbox folder we’ve set up for your project. Provide us the links to any existing social media pages we should link to. We’ll need the “open sesame” passwords to your hosting and other accounts if we’re using your existing set up.

Need help finding or creating content? UmeWorks offers a range of services including logo design, artwork, photography, videography and copy writing. We’ll weave together words and pictures to tell your story in a way that captivates visitors.



Noodle. Noodle. Noodle. Poof!

We share our design ideas with you. You review and provide comments and suggestions.


Tweak. Tweak. Poof again!

We listen. We revise. We collaborate. We make the changes and present the design to you for approval.

design revisions
Website Development


We create your website

We’ll build your site, based upon the approved design. We’ll submit it for your final review. Then, we’ll publish your site.  

It’s Go Time!


TLC available here.

Congratulations on establishing a presence on the Internet. And for making a commitment to periodically updating your website.

Updates are important for several reasons. Regular maintenance ensures that content is current and accurate, that your site is secure, and that your site is optimized for search engine purposes.

UmeWorks offers support in a variety of ways. If you like to DIY, we can build your site with a Content Management System. This will enable you to update website content on your own.

Alternatively, you might prefer to purchase website edit services on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Finally, UmeWorks is also available for WordPress system and security updates, as well as consultation regarding SEO, social media or other Internet marketing services.