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How EAT can help your blog get found

How EAT Can Help Your Website’s Off-Page SEO

Successful search engine optimization (SEO) requires you to use both off-page and on-page SEO efforts. Combining the two techniques produces long-term sustainable results in search engines. This post explores the interrelationship between E-A-T and off-page SEO factors. What is Off-Page SEO? It refers to all the activities you do off

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10 SEO Mistakes

10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid During your Website Redesign

10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid During your Website Redesign Redesigning your website isn’t all glitz and glam. In addition to giving your website a fresh new look, you’ll have a chance to improve your site’s performance in search, so you can get more traffic. With all of the moving pieces

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Landing Page – Listings DS

Find out how to show up in local search >>> FREE SEO SCAN ATTRACT MORE CUSTOMERS THROUGH LOCAL BUSINESS LISTING MANAGEMENT Listing Management on Over 50 SitesUmeWorks can claim your business on over fifty listing sites. This helps your business get found on when people search for businesses like yours

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various digitial marketing services offered by umeworks

Digital Marketing Services that Help Your Business

What stage of your business growth are you in? Reputation Management Business reviews play a crucial role in shaping the perception of businesses. They provide insights into the quality and reputation of businesses and help potential customers make informed decisions, fostering transparency and accountability within the marketplace. The volume and

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How can you find your next customer?

How Can You Find Your Next Customer?

Effective Ways to Reach Your Target Audience You feel like you’ve hit a wall. Hypothetically, you have ideas about your coveted audience’s identity. However, honing in on who that target audience truly is will translate into sales. Using marketing tools like content strategy development and defining your business profile, you’ll

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writers choice image

The Write Choice: The Importance of Website Copywriting

Building a successful website involves various decisions and considerations. One crucial aspect that significantly impacts your online presence is website copywriting. At UmeWorks, we understand the significance of engaging and persuasive copy that resonates with your audience. We are often asked by new clients, “Do I have to provide my

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What Keywords Should I Use to Create a Focus Keyphrase?

What Keyphrase Should I Use for My Web Pages?

Using the right keyphrase is great for SEO as it target more right type of visitors to your content. Here’s tips to help you select the right keyphrase for you. 3-5 keywords combine to create what’s known as long tail keywords (aka a keyphrase). The focus keyphrase “best web designer

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Tips on Writing Blog Post

Get Your Website Found with 8 Easy Blog Writing Tips

Why You Should You Use These Blog Writing Tips You’ve put forth enormous effort writing valuable content for your blog. But web traffic remains slow. What’s the point of publishing blog posts that potential visitors can’t find? Let’s look at how to SEO your blog posts. These blog writing tips are bound

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What is a Domain? Your web address.

Your Web Address – All About Domains

When you type “555 Cedar Lane, Los Angeles, CA” into your smartphone’s GPS navigation, it precisely guides you there. The address includes a number, street, city, and state; you don’t need to remember a complicated series of GPS coordinates for every address you visit. In a similar way, your domain

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Three Critical Stages of Business Growth

The 3 Critical Stages of Business Growth

Much like you establish and grow your retirement investments, you want to successfully establish and grow your business, too. For example, in retirement planning, you want to begin investing with confidence. You’ll need to not only be able to ride the market’s ebbs and flows, but truly grow those retirement

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Education Sage website

Education Sage

ABOUT PROJECT:Moving from an outdated DIY Wix site, the Client’s website was redesigned and built as a static HTML site using Foundation for the responsive design framework. Service offerings are clearly displayed, along with call-to-actions for the site visitors. Keyword-rich content was added to improve the site’s SEO.   TYPE:

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