7 Things YOU Need to Consider Before Choosing a Website Designer

7 Things you need to consider before choosing a website designer

A website is the backbone of your online marketing strategy. However, you need to focus your energy on what matters most: running your business.

Before you hand the reigns over to a website designer, develop a clear idea of the role of your site for your business. After all, you know your business — and clients — best. A designer will then use that guidance (and their own expertise) to bring your website to life.

You need to consider these 7 things before starting to look for a website designer:

What Are Your Website’s Main Objectives?

Do you want your site to:

  • Provide validation of your company’s authenticity?
  • Connect your clients to your other marketing outlets (e.g., e-newsletter, survey)?
  • Offer more visibility?
  • Generate sales leads?
  • Allow clients to schedule appointments?
  • Allow clients to purchase your products or services online?
  • Allow clients to pay bills?
  • Present exclusive content? (Will your blog posts and/or videos be behind a pay wall so users must subscribe before viewing?)

Your site needs to make a great first impression and build strong relationships so potential clients will engage. Have a solid idea of what your site objectives are so your goals will get accomplished.

What’s Your Budget?

Don’t hesitate to share your budget with a prospective website designer. By discussing your budget expectations with UmeWorks, we can propose effective solutions within your reach. We’ll be better able to accurately assess your needs and desires without exploring avenues that may waste your time.

What’s the Website Designer’s Deadline?

It can be frustrating to discuss a project with a potential website designer and find out you haven’t dedicated enough time for your target deadline.

Let UmeWorks know your anticipated deadline early on, or if your schedule is flexible. We can explore other options, too. For example, does it make more sense to publish the site in stages? After the basic structure of your website is functioning, can we then build momentum by releasing certain features or exclusive content on future dates?

What’s Your Design Style?

Design appeal is highly subjective. Which website designs ‘wow’ you?

Do some homework:

  • Which websites do you like and dislike?
  • What entices you to follow these websites’ call-to-actions (CTAs)?
  • What sites look aesthetically pleasing but also possess impressive functionality?

While it’s the designer’s responsibility to create your site design, it’s important that your designer understands your preferences. Your examples with the reasons for liking/disliking them, along with understanding who your target audience is and your objectives, will help South Bay’s Favorite Website Developer craft your own superb website design.

Do You Have Other Marketing Service Needs?

As a client, UmeWorks doesn’t expect you to know every marketing service available. However, please share what your marketing and business goals are. We may be able to offer complimentary services that help you reach them.

This information may influence the way we design your website. We can better map out your goals and suggest other services such as:

  • Staying in touch with opt-in forms
  • Setting up your outbound campaign platform
  • Activating a webchat widget
  • Setting up after-hours auto-replies

Will You Provide Written Copy?

Let your designer know if you will provide your own final copy. If you aren’t highly experienced with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and keywords, we suggest you provide draft copy. Then, let UmeWorks provide the final copy for your website to enhance SEO and marketing.

UmeWorks has experience working with website copy. We also work with professional copywriters. Of course, we recommend that you always review copy so you’re in agreement with all final content.

Will You Make Your Own Post-Publication Updates?

Some website owners prefer to personally make content updates. Others rely on UmeWorks’ layout and optimization expertise.

Are you comfortable updating content? Honestly, do you have the time to do so?

Why You Should Do Your Homework Before Looking for a Website Designer?

Consider why should your potential clients visit your website? Be clear on your answers to the aforementioned seven considerations. These answers will help you choose a website designer that will deliver a website that best suits your company’s unique needs.

Hint: If a website designer candidate doesn’t ask you about these “homework items”, be alert. Will they do they build a website that suits your needs?

After you’ve planned out your needs and preferences, let’s create together! Contact UmeWorks for a free website estimate.



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